You can’t eat what?

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As an event organiser you will need to take into consideration that some of your guests may have certain food restrictions and allergies.  Now whilst it is not possible for you to know every dietary variation out there, it is always useful to know the most common restrictions:-

Peanut allergy


Lactose Intolerant



Gluten Free



Hindu Diet

It may not be possible to accommodate all your guests, however you do need to make sure that you ask for specific dietary requirements both as part of your invitation process and also when registering your guests on the day.  Don’t be afraid to ask the question … your guests will be pleased to know that you care 🙂

Should for whatever reason it not be possible to gain the information, you can always opt for the healthy option of both fresh fruit and vegetables as these seem to be on everyone’s approved food list.  So when in doubt, provide these.

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July 24, 2014

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