Death by PowerPoint?

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It’s actually not a joke – how many times have you been sat in a meeting or conference watching a presentation and drifted off to another happier place because it’s so dull, or the slides make your eyes hurt or even worse the presenter says those fatal words… ‘I know you can’t see this slide but…’ and you want to scream… WELL WHY SHOW IT THEN????

PowerPoint must be one of the biggest opportunities to show off your brand and yet so many companies/presenters don’t do it justice. At Pink we help lots of clients with all manner of presentations on all sorts of topics. Here are our top 10 tips on slides…

  1. Keep it simple – the audience is there to hear YOU not to struggle to see oceans of text or data on a slide that is barely visible from a metre away never mind from where they are sitting. A few simple words and images are more inspiring to an audience than an overcrowded slide where NOTHING stands out
  2. Plan your story – A presentation is like a story – it should have a clear beginning, middle and end that get your point across in an effortless way. Don’t be dragged in to over doing it.
  3. Use great imagery – Imagery can say a thousand words and make your presentation rock. There are great image libraries out there where you can get fabulous pictures cost effectively. PLEASE DON’T EVER USE TACKY CLIP ART OR DODGY IMAGES.
  4. Display data well – learn how to do this simply so that it is even more powerful to the audience – complicated does not equal impressive.
  5. Use simple techniques to pull out key words or phrases – bold or colour or circle things that you want to stand out in your audiences mind
  6. Choose fabulous colours – colour can really make your presentation come alive. Make sure you pick colours that present well – what is clear on your mac or pc may not be clear when projected. Sometimes the simplest colour combinations work best, black & white for instance or white, grey and a really zingy colour
  7. Watch great presenters – Take a look at some of the TED talks and see some master slide presentations – it will inspire you and make you look at your slides and story in a different way
  8. Practice with your slides – Don’t leave it until the day to find out that they don’t really work for you. Often when you pull the presentation together it seems to work but when you actually present it a few issues can pop out. So make sure you feel comfortable with your slides
  9. Give people a chance to see and ask – too many slides is worse than too few. Make sure you can accomplish your story in the time you have and that your audience has time to ask questions
  10. Take feedback – ask someone in the audience how your slides worked for them. You might be surprised.

However don’t just take it from us – as usual Hubspot have an awesome blog with 20 truly inspiring slide shares. Take a look.


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July 17, 2014

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