Content is king!

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We believe content is king – the content on your marketing materials, your website, your blog and all of the other ways you share your information and ideas with your target audience. Here are a few thoughts on why content is king:

  1. Your content expresses your very own tone of voice – It says an amazing amount about you, your brand and your business. It allows you to stand out and to appeal to likeminded people who are interested in what you do. Your content is a powerful way of expressing your brand – perhaps as much as the visual aspects. But tone of voice is often overlooked as a vital way of developing your identity and maintaining a valuable brand.
  2. Producing great & relevant content makes you learn about what your audience needs – your content must appeal to those it is aimed at and although you may not get it right every time the journey of learning what works and what doesn’t and writing and researching gives you a knowledge about that audience that you probably wouldn’t have had.
  3. It keeps you up to date with industry trends – it’s easy when you are running a business to become detached and lose touch with what’s happening out there. Making sure your content is king ensures you will be in touch with all the latest happenings in your particular field – because even if you haven’t written the content personally you will no doubt be checking it and changing it and you really want it to be right!
  4. Content is your way having a conversation with your audience – you don’t get the chance to speak face to face with many of the people you would like to do business with. You have to do it through your website, your leaflets, your e-communications, social media channels and more. If you want to have a relevant and beneficial ‘conversation’ with them through these channels you have to get your content right – its so important
  5. It produces interaction with your audience – Great content is not just about producing it – it’s about responding to your audience too. You want to elicit feedback – which will help you learn and hopefully produce even better content in the future.

It helps establish your brands authenticity – The content you produce has to be personal to you! If its not genuine, personal, passionate and true – your audience will notice in an instant – and if it is – they will notice in an instant too and it will give a huge amount of credibility to your brand

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September 2, 2014

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