The Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport (CILT)

The Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport (CILT) have been around since 1919, over that period they’ve seen the world and their membership change and grow. The international parent organisation, CILT International rebranded a few years ago, but were left with minimal guidelines or support. Working with our partner, Borderless, we were asked to bring their brand to life, both on and off-line.

Some of the key things we noticed as part of our research, was just how jargon-based and colloquial their content was. When considering an international audience for whom English might not be their first language, it’s essential that content is both clear and simple to understand. We also noticed how few people featured in any of their imagery, as a membership organisation that’s sole focus is people, this felt like a disconnect and as a result, we focused in the first instance, on getting their brand right.

We worked closely with the in-house team on…

  • A new website that was tailored to the users’ needs whilst balancing the requirements of a global membership network. The site has been a great success and is due to be adopted by their branches all over the world.
  • Developing the look and feel of the existing brand to bring it to life and from that producing robust, sustainable and user-friendly brand guidelines for all CILT branches to use
  • Giving ongoing marketing consultancy
  • Developing an online portal for brand and training guidelines and assets for the local branches
  • Website audits and consultancy for all the local branches
  • Organising and implementing an event to mark the 100 year anniversary
  • Production of various materials which are used around the globe

What we love about working with the CILT is – the in house team! They are knowledgeable, talented and confident and we feel motivated and challenged when working with them.

• April 2, 2020

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