We work with a lot of investor funded start-up businesses especially in the healthcare arena and can offer really great packages for brand, website and investor communications.

NirVisio is a start-up business in the dental market with its innovative imaging technology. Dental caries (tooth decay) is the most common chronic disease globally (1st in adults, 6th in children). With the aim of addressing this problem, two world-leading universities (King’s College London and University of Durham) developed a ground-breaking imaging technology. NirVisio was formed to bring together world leading expertise in medical devices, commercial and dentistry with the sole aim of bringing this ground-breaking technology to the market.

NirVisio urgently needed a brand, an investor slide deck, a simple website and some basic stationery for some key investor meetings and communications they were doing. We were able to deliver these items quickly and for a reasonable cost.

• April 7, 2020

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