Legs Matter Campaign

When eight healthcare charities and not-for-profit organisations agreed that there was a need for a change in the way people approached and talked about leg and foot conditions, they formed a coalition: Legs Matter. By working together to increase awareness, understanding and action amongst the public and healthcare professionals, they’ve turned up the volume on their communications and supersized their impact.

The coalition’s goal was to solve one of the biggest health challenges of our time and so the remit was to create a brand, identity and website for Legs Matter. With the help of our partners, Borderless and Emmie Spencer a series of strategy workshops with key stakeholders from each organisation was carried out. This enabled us to map the scale of the problem and assess key audience and user needs before co-creating the campaign personality.

Next, we got stuck into the website. It was vital that the site was user friendly, so we plotted a whole host of user journeys through the website to create the information architecture. We then designed a website user interface with W3C principles at it’s core and supported the planning and design of the website’s content.

Photographs of wounds and wound management can be confronting, but we knew that images of real patients’ legs would bring the subject to life. To that end we managed and directed a fantastic photoshoot, with the very talented Jonty Tacon behind the lens.

Such an important campaign deserves a multimedia platform. By rolling it out across a whole range of on and offline media we ensured it would reach as wide an audience as possible and these audiences continue to grow with our communications and social media strategies.

The website is Legs Matter’s flagship piece of communication. It’s a one-stop-shop, incorporating practical advice and support for both healthcare professionals and patients, and providing sign-posting to other helpful guides and services. The content isn’t blog-based – it’s evidence-based, reliable information that has been carefully curated and presented by the coalition stakeholders, who are all experts and thought leaders within their field.

After it’s launch in 2018, we needed to keep leg and foot issues front of mind for a range of different audiences and ensure that everyone is STANDING UP FOR LEGS! After a brilliant start and a fantastic engagement from healthcare professionals, industry, there was a need to reach patients, carers and the general public with hard hitting messages and calls to action! And so the Legs Matter Awareness Week was born with everyone #standingupforlegs and hosting a #legsmatternatter! We worked with Cathy Kelly PR to reach a huge number of people with articles in both the national and local press. Click here to take a look at the figures.

Here’s just a taste of what people have said about the campaign

“Stand up for Legs #legsmatter launch – a brilliant website http://legsmatter.org  @SolentNHSTrust @EducatorsIP”

“Excellent website. Great new campaign being launched, new challenges for TVNs and others in the UK #excitingtimes”

What we love about Legs Matter is the genuine feeling that we are helping bring to life a campaign that has the potential to dramatically change people’s quality of life.

• March 26, 2020

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