British Lymphology Society

We were really delighted when the British Lymphology Society (BLS) asked for our help with their 2020 Campaign. The BLS are a registered charity who support clinicians working with Lymphoedema and patients who suffer from the disease. Lymphoedema is a chronic condition that causes swelling in the body’s tissues. It can affect any part of the body, but usually in the arms or legs and develops when the lymphatic system does not work properly. The condition can have a devastating effect on people’s lives and the BLS wanted their 2020 campaign to focus on how activity can have a positive effect both on the condition itself and on the wellbeing of sufferers.

One of key objectives was to make sure that the campaign was inclusive of all activity and not just formal types of exercise which may be difficult for some patients. We worked with our partners Borderless and Emmie Spencer to come up with the creative concept for the campaign and key messages.

#EveryBodyCan was born – we showcased patients enjoying different activities, all with a positive message about their condition not stopping them from living a normal life. We developed a range of assets and materials that the BLS could use for conferences to give out to clinicians, on their website and over social media.

The BLS have had hugely positive feedback from the campaign which has continued to run into 2022 and beyond.

What we loved about working with the BLS… Being able to help the charity get some really positive messages out about this devastating condition and ultimately helping patients feel empowered.

• April 14, 2020

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