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As a boutique marketing agency specialising in delivering inventive, cost effective solutions in the areas of marketing, branding, communications and events we have secured large contracts with FTSE 100 global businesses as well as working with a range of national and local companies of all sizes. We have won several pitches against big London based agencies.


Find out a little bit more about the team and you will get an idea of what you can expect when you work with the ladies from PINK.

  • Kerry Wiles

    Kerry Wiles


    Branding … Strategy … Fashion


    Corporate Branding … Design … Creative … Marketing Strategy

  • Sue Simmonds

    Sue Simmonds



    People … Communication … Nails


    Global Event Management … Online Marketing … Business Development … Networking … Communications … Company Accounts

  • Dawn Rush

    Dawn Rush

    Account & Event Manager

    Organisation … Events … Shoes

    Project Management … Global Event Management … Customer Liaison

Please check out our presence on Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter – and if you are local ask to meet for a coffee and a chat. We may be able to help each other.

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Our Brand

The values & behaviours we live by – always…

Our values – what we believe in…

Passion – We are passionate about what we do. We thrive on challenge. People are at the heart of our business and we want to inspire them with our creativity, knowledge and sense of fun. Our clients enjoy working with us because they know we consistently deliver high quality services and products that meet their needs. We set clear objectives and goals – and achieve them.

Freedom – Freedom is about the ability to make choices. Informed choices, brought about by listening, talking and learning from each other. Sharing thoughts, visions and experiences. We bring people together to share the joy of knowledge. Choices give you freedom – and we help to transform our client’s range of choices.

Integrity – We are open and sincere in our business lives and our personal lives. We respect our clients and colleagues and their needs. We earn their trust and confidence by our transparent approach and our desire for honest, straightforward communication.

Our personalities – how we behave…

Driven – We know what we want to do… and do it. Delivery is inherent in our nature and we are quick, accurate and thorough. People rely on us and we don’t let them down.

Creative – We think differently, always. Creativity is at the heart of our business and is never overlooked. Never compromised. But never reckless. We put energy and life into everything we do.

Fun – We love life and feel that fun is a vital part of our existence. Smiles lift you, revitalize you and enable you to deal with anything.

Open – We are clear, straightforward and honest in all our communications. We like to hear the truth and we don’t hide from it.

Sincere – We mean what we say and our values and behaviors are what we live by – they are not just words




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